Amistad — this is:

Supply of quality petroleum products
We have repeatedly reached prestigious top places and are proud of this

Timeliness of delivery
We know all the secret pathes of those faraway places where you live, and we’ll be the first to deliver you the goods

Experienced managers
Our managers are competent. They know what they do

Low prices
The best ratio of the price and quality of the goods

Round-the-clock work of the company
. We work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Flexibility of the company
in modern working conditions
We will provide the best conditions for delivery and payment

The main purpose of our company is to bring to the market exceptionally high-quality petroleum products and oil. Each fuel delivery despite its volume will be thoroughly checked for quality. We pay close attention to fuel storage conditions and conditions during delivery from the manufacturer to the final consumer. Besides, we sell safe types of fuel that do not harm the environment and contribute to the conservation of engines. Thanks to cooperation with leading manufacturers, we are able to offer our customers an excellent product at democratic prices.

Best Regards,

Fuel and Power Company
OOO «Amistad»