We offer wholesale deliveries of oils and lubricants in kegs, of famous and reputable trademarks: CASTROL, CAT, ELF, KIXX, LIQUI MOLI, LUKOIL, LUNA, MAZDA, MOBIL, MPM, PEAK, PETROCANADA, SHELL, TOTAL, KATANA, ARGO, TOYOTA, ELAKSON, etc., including domestic industrial oils from official manufacturers and distributors. We also have the opportunity to ship oils to you in the rail tanker: base oil au, base oil M-20, hydraulic oil VMGZ, industrial oil I-40, industrial oil I-12, industrial oil I-20, industrial oil I-30, industrial oil I-50A, compressor oil KS-19, oil M10DM, oil MGB-10, motor oil M-10G2, oil S-9. Shipment of rail tankers from Ufa. Various trademarks we supply in kegs. We do not deal with small packages, only with large wholesale.

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