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You contact one of the most reliable and reputable companies at the market and receive a guarantee of quality for all provided services.


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Each fuel delivery despite its volume will be thoroughly checked for quality. We pay close attention to fuel storage conditions and conditions during delivery from the manufacturer to the final consumer.


We deliver products by our own specialized vehicles from 1 to 40 m3, by railroad in rail tankers, by sea and river transportation means, by oil pipeline from a metering station to a linear operating dispatcher station.


We completely supply principal positions of oil, petroleum products and other combustive and lubricating materials: oil, diesel fuel EURO 5 according to season, low-viscosity marine fuel. Motor low-sulphur fuel, light naphtha and other analogs of diesel fuel, gasolines AI-80/92/95, kerosene TS-1 and KT, gas condensates.

  • We cooperate with them for 3,5 years and we have good professional relationship. It is always a pleasure to work with high-level professionals, moreover, I have to say the the…
    Mikhail Bogomolov
  • The whole winter we were heating our house near Smolensk requesting deliveries from Amistad. The village is located in the middle of nowhere, 20 km from the city, access there…
    Alexandra Novikova
  • During 2 years of cooperation this company has shown its capability to solve the required tasks with full responsibility, perform works with good quality and in time.
    Vladimir Simonov

Fuel for your business

The fuel supplier has the same importance as a business partner. The quality of fuel and timeliness of its supply are indispensable for efficient work, and hence the profit. "Amistad" is your reliable high quality fuel supplier

Our company is your guarantee of success! We specialize in the sale of oil products directly from the refinery.You can by oil and its derivatives without intermediary costs.

We sell the following types of oil products:

  • Diesel fuel (summer, winter, arctic).. We choose the optimal options for diesel transportation on the base of the season, including DF EURO. We also sell diesel fuel for heating cottages. We deliver orders from 1000 liters. You will get quality diesel fuel with delivery.
  • Wholesale gasoline. Only from proven and reliable manufacturers, with certificates and quality guarantee. Buy our gasoline is simple and cost saving. We deliver throughout Russia with the safe vehicles.
  • Distillate of gas condensate. We sell products which meets the GOST requirements from refineries of the city of Vladimir. On some parameters gas condensate even exceeds the norm. For example, it does not contain mechanical impurities and water.
  • Kerosene TS-1. Aviation kerosene is resistant to low temperatures and has a high anti-wear resistance. You can buy aviation kerosene with prompt delivery by specialized transport. The price of kerosene is lower with a large order.
  • Kerosene KT-1. Technical kerosene is used as raw material for synthetic materials. We are ready to supply any amounts of it. The quality of kerosene for technical purposes is confirmed by the relevant documents. You can buy kerosene at a good price on an ongoing basis.
  • Marine fuel. We sell marine low-viscosity fuel, corresponding to the established lubricating characteristics. In any volume and with delivery.
  • Residual oil (masut) М-100. Used as a heating fuel for boilers and diesel locomotives, so the demand for it grows in the cold season. And our delivery remains prompt at any time of the year.

We provide regular and one-time supplies of fuel and oil products. Regular customers appreciate us for reliability, efficiency and pleasant discounts for large order. Cooperating with Amistad company, you can buy wholesale gasoline and other motor fuel, saving time and money.

Our strengths:

  • Quality oil products will keep the working capacity of vehicles and equipment, protect against wear and unexpected breakdowns.
  • Uninterrupted fuel delivery will ensure the stable operation of your office or the constant heating of the cottage.
  • All types of fuel are always available - to buy diesel fuel or other fuel, make an order at any time, without waiting for supplies.
  • Thanks to optimal price-quality ratio you do not need to change habits and waste time looking for a better fuel supplier.
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You can buy wholesale diesel fuel, gasoline and other oil products through a convenient form on our website. Just fill in the table, indicating the type of fuel, the number of liters and the place of shipment, and send the application. Our specialists will contact you in the shortest time and answer all your questions.

For all oil products, including diesel fuel, the price depends on the final size of the order. Larger quantities provide lower price. Therefore, our customers prefer to buy diesel fuel wholesale.

We work with different types of businesses and individuals, guaranteeing all our customers high-quality oil products and excellent services.

You can find oil products quality certificate with the manufacturer's name in the CERTIFICATE AND PHOTO section. The information on the methods of transportation and shipment is in the DELIVERY section.

Become our customer and make sure that quality fuel, high level service and optimum prices can be found within the same supplier. To buy solar oil, gasoline and other products call or leave a request on the website today!

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