Fuel oil M-100:
Loading termsLoading baseDensityCost per tonCost per litre
Yaroslavl0,950 8 000 3

Kaluga0,899 9 700
9 500

Moscow refinery MNPZ
10 7003

YANOS11 200
Road bitumen 60/90:
Loading termsLoading baseDensityCost per tonCost per litre
Smolensk region
6 500
Moscow refinery MNPZ
14 000
YANOS13 200
Ryazan12 800
Nizhny Novgorod12 200

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Prices are given including VATTwenty-four-hour delivery by the specialized transportFuel supply from the manufacturerDelivery quality is guaranteed!

We sell masut (residual fuel oil) and bitumen directly from refineries. We offer wholesale quality certified fuel products with delivery.
Her you can buy fuel oil M-100 for steam boilers, industrial furnaces and boiler plants. Since residual fuel is a reprocessed oil, its price is much lower compared to other oil products. But due to a high viscosity this fuel is more environmentally friendly. Masut is supplied in special purpose heated vessels.
Also we offer construction bitumen directly from manufacturer. The softening point of bitumen is very high (more than 50⁰С) which guarantees the high quality of the coating. The bitumen is transported in the insulated tanks to preserve all the properties. Bitumen delivery – up t 25 tons at once.
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