Our work is sale and delivery of oil, light and dark petroleum products, and also gas for fuel stations. We deliver fuel to Moscow and Moscow region and also along the Central Federal District and the whole Russia.

Delivery by gasoline tankers:

We have our own specialized vehicle park and logistic center. Each gasoline tanker is equipped specifically for fuel delivery and has the permit for petroleum products transportation. Besides, we use gasoline tankers with off-road capabilities and fuel tanks , equipped with hoses up to 40 m long and a pump for delivery of fuel in the most rempte places. .

Delivery by railroad in rail tankers:

Delivery of fuel, light and dark petroleum products by railroad is performed in four-axle tankers with a carrying capacity of 60 tons and boiler capacity 72,7 m3, calibration type 53a.

Delivery terms:

Diesel fuel (DF) delivery

performed one time for the volume from 1m3 to 40m3 by specifically equipped gasoline tankers. In separate cases there is a possibility for delivery and machinery filling from 200l.

Gasoline delivery

AI-80, AI-92, AI-95 can be delivered from 5 m3. All gasoline tankers are equipped with a GPS-module and have permits for gasoline transportation.

Kerosene delivery

TS-1 can be delivered from 5 m3.

Fuel oil delivery

M-100 by motor-vehicle transport. Delivery is performed in specialized heated thermovessels of the capacity 25 tons.

Bitumen delivery

BND 60/90, BNDU 100/130. Delivery is performed in specialized heated thermobarrels. Single time delivery volume of bitumen by motor-vehicle transport is 25 tons.

Gas delivery

LPG and gas holder filling is performed by special gas tankers. Delivery of the gas mixture (propane-butane) is possible to Moscow and Moscow region.

Oils’ delivery

performed in special kegs. Delivery to Moscow and Moscow region can be performed 24/7.

Vessels’ delivery

for combustive and lubricating materials and mini fuel stations is performed whether by freight vehicles or by hi-up trucks.

Delivery to Moscow:

Delivery to Moscow inside of the third transport ring is performed at night from 10.00pm to 6.00am. Delivery of less than 1m3 of diesel fuel to the center of Moscow can be performed 24/7. Delivery of fuel to Moscow and Moscow region is performed by specialized motor-vehicle transport: from 1 to 40 m3 at the price from 25 rub/litre.