Gas condensate:
Loading termsLoading baseDensityCost per tonCost per litre
0,770 24 000 18,48
0,800 27 000 21,60
(Novy Urengoy)
0,780 26 500 20,67
st. Farafontievskaya
0,761 20 300 15,45
st. Farafontievskaya
0,765 21 300 16,29
st. Novy Urengoy0,744 22 300 16,59
st. Obskaya0,773 23 500 18,17
st. Protoka0,773 21 070 16,29
st. Korotchayevo0,724 20 000 14,48
oil tank farm Lakinsk
0,780 30 000
(GK Krimsky)
0,780 33 000
oil tank farm Lakinsk
(GK Obskiy)
0,780 29 500

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Buy fuel directly from the factory!
Be sure of the fuel quality with the trusted supplier. Our company offers gas condensate through direct supplies from the refineries. We sell Obsky gas condensate directly from the refinery in the city of Vladimir. Each shipment is provided with the quality certificate, so that you can be confident in your choice.
We sell gas condensate under the official contract in compliance with the legislation requirements. The fuel meets the GOST 54389-2011 requirements and exceeds them, because it does not contains impurities and water.
All wholesale orders are delivered in Moscow, Moscow region, Russian Federation. We deliver oil products twenty hours a day with our own tank tracks. You will get the products right after the payment.

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